If law is what the court says, what then is law practice without access to what the court has said?

Law firms today are posed with multiple challenges, each challenge threatening to hinder their progress. The never ending competition and quest for a large clientele has driven most law firms to struggle for excellence by filing strong briefs with the right authorities. Case law is basically the pillar of a strong argument and where to find the right case expeditiously has been and remains a major issue in the litigation world. To solve this issue, monthly editions of law reports have been published and made available to all who can afford them. Online apps are also gradually flooding the legal world to aid ease in the search of, and wider access to law reports. One of these many online apps is JUDY.

What makes JUDY effective?

JUDY has a large database of case judgement with user friendly features readily available and affordable to the legal world.

JUDY contains regularly updated case law from Nigeria and Ghana which can be filtered by subject matter, year of publication and Court, making it easier and faster for users within law firms to search for case law. Cases can be bookmarked for offline access and thus, made accessible to users with or without internet data and even on the mobile phone.

JUDY has its own citation, Judy Electronic Law Report (JELR) and can be cited in Courts, the app equally supports external citations from the Nigerian Weekly Law Report (NWLR), All Federation Weekly Law Report (All FWLR), Nigerian Law Report (NLR) and a few others and thus, users can search using other citations.

No man is an island. Hence, the need to communicate and JUDY seeks to promote this through the collaboration feature. With JUDY, you can highlight cases to share with colleagues, make notes and comments on a case, share ideas and basically have effortless conversations with colleagues no matter their location. This ability to collaborate will greatly enhance teamwork between colleagues in law firms and with team spirit, comes success.

Loads of statute books are dragged to Courts by lawyers to fuel their arguments with the relevant authorities. You forget one, and you might miss the opportunity to legally prove your point. JUDY has come to remedy this, with the Court rules of the 36 states in Nigeria as well as the FCT, various Laws and Acts, all encapsulated in the app, the need to drag loads of heavy books to court has been obviated and lawyers can now access their Statutes and case law in a single app.

Law practice is nothing without easy, fast and succinct access to the law and this is what JUDY has come to offer.

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