A recent report from The Nigerian Prisons Service, expressed disappointment that over 80 percent of inmates awaiting trial across the country are doing so due to insufficient legal representation.

This high figure is largely due to the fact that these inmates could not afford quality legal representation. It falls on us as citizens to assist these indigent citizens with pro bono legal representation in order to salvage their unfortunate situations.This is what inspired JUDY to join forces with Flemer in order to tackle this issue.

At JUDY our mission is to support the legal profession and the administration of justice by providing a law reporting service in a convenient form and at a moderate price, while Flemer on the flip sides leverages its network of volunteer lawyers to facilitate the provision of legal representation for indigent pre-trial detainees, especially those charged with minor offences.

With all of this in mind, JUDY has entered into partnership with Flemer to provide free, unrestricted access to our legal research software to every lawyer or volunteer involved in The Flemer Project Initiative. We hope Flemer sparks the much needed reform in our justice system and gives inmates the right to a speedy trial.

Closing Note: The JUDY app is a legal research software which allows lawyers, law students & judges to search for and read reported cases and statutes from Nigeria and beyond.

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